School pho­tos

Are on 23rd and 24th June, so please can you get your school pho­to envelopes back to the office as soon as possible.

Pho­to day Organisation:

*23/06/2020 at 8:30 Preschool Par­rots Photos

*9:00 Preschool Par­rots Sib­ling Photos

*All oth­er Class and indi­vid­ual pho­tos tak­en through­out the day.

*24/06/2020 8:30 Preschool Frogs Photos

*9:00 Preschool Frogs Sib­ling Photos

*All oth­er group/​sibling pho­tos and whole school pho­to tak­en through­out the day.

Things to remem­ber for the day:

*Stu­dents are ONLY to wear their blue and yel­low Casua­r­i­na shirts with their blue sko­rts or shorts.

*Hair attire NEEDS to be in the school colours only and not excessive.

*Please refrain from exces­sive jew­ellery and nail polish.

We look for­ward to see­ing all their smi­ley faces

Do it for Dol­ly Day 2020

Stu­dents and staff are asked to spread the Dolly’s Dream mes­sage by wear­ing blue to school tomor­row, Fri­day 8/05/20

Water Bot­tles

Par­ents are request­ed to send their child to school each day with a clear­ly labelled water bot­tle, this will start first day back Term 2. Mon­day 20th April 2020

Your child will be able to access this water bot­tle through­out the day.

Water bot­tle re-fill­ing and hygiene will be man­aged by school staff in line with the guidelines.…/australian-health-protection-pr…

For fur­ther infor­ma­tion and clar­i­fi­ca­tion please con­tact the school on 89733 800.