Marathon Challenge 2020


Marathon Chal­lenge week 7 update.

Good morn­ing CSPS Marathon family,

It the begin­ning of week 7 of your 8 week run/​walk pro­gram. Almost there!!

I hope every­one enjoyed the long week end and espe­cial­ly this mag­nif­i­cent weath­er. Keep all those pho­tos com­ing in.

The good news is all the Marathon Chal­lenge Medals have arrived! 

A reminder that you MUST hand in your diary at the com­ple­tion of the 8 week chal­lenge in order to be pre­sent­ed with your hard earned Marathon medal, it must also be signed off by your par­ents at the com­ple­tion of each week.

The sports car­ni­val is on next week (week 9) so it will be a ter­rif­ic way to end an inter­est­ing term 2, 2020. Keep mark­ing off those ses­sions every­one, not long now!

Have fun this week


Mr G (:

Week 7 update

Good after­noon CSPS Marathon Chal­lenge Community. 

The pho­tos of your efforts are still com­ing in which has been ter­rif­ic. Its week 6 of the Marathon Chal­lenge, there are 4 ses­sion cov­er­ing a dis­tance of 6km. Your body is slow­ly adapt­ing to your fit­ness program. 

Have you tried these activ­i­ties yet? 

  • Take a skip­ping rope and skip at the end of each 200m
  • Done a run/​walk ses­sion. Run 200m, walk 200m and so on…..
  • Walked the course with your baby broth­er or sis­ter while they have been on a scooter
  • Start­ed and fin­ished a ses­sion with 20 push ups
  • Have you run/​walked the course in your favourite footy team jersey

Enjoy the week everyone

Mr G 

Week 6 update

Hel­lo CSPS Marathon Chal­lenge Community

The weath­er has been per­fect to get out there and do your walking/​running. You are all more than half way though he chal­lenge with the fin­ish line in sight. Remem­ber to drink some of water before and after you have com­plete each ses­sion. Please keep the pho­tos com­ing and it inspires us all to fin­ish the project.

Have fun

Mr G (:

Marathon Chal­lenge Week 4 update

Good morn­ing Marathon Chal­lenge Community.

By the end of this week we are half way through the chal­lenge, 21km down. By now your body is get­ting used to the ses­sions you are doing.

Have you been doing the same loop or do you have sev­er­al that you choose to do?

It’s often fun to mix up a ses­sion , go in the oppo­site direc­tion or mark out a new loop for you to do. Keep those pho­tos com­ing in to.

What about a dress up week?

How about dress­ing up in your favourite cos­tume and get some pho­tos of you doing the Marathon Challenge?

Have fun everyone

Mr G

Marathon Chal­lenge Week 3 update

Wow! 200+ CSPS com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers have tak­en up the chal­lenge and are walking/​running all over Kather­ine and Tin­dal. Pho­tos of your efforts keep com­ing in which helps moti­vates everyone.

Every­one should be well into week 3 of the chal­lenge, your body is slow­ing get­ting used to the activ­i­ties planned. Remem­ber to stick to the ses­sions and the dis­tances in order to com­plete the program.

There has been lots of dis­cus­sion in the staff room about how the teach­ers and men­tors have been doing the chal­lenge. Lots of fam­i­ly walks after din­ner or some ear­ly morn­ing walks around the block. 

Enjoy the dry sea­son con­di­tions everyone. 

Mr G (:

Tues­day 5th May 2020

Marathon Chal­lenge Update

Good morn­ing CSPS Marathon Community

This week is the begin­ning of Week 2 of the Marathon Chal­lenge. The weath­er has been awe­some over the past few days to help make your efforts more enjoyable.

Last week the total dis­tance was 5km, the same dis­tance for Week 2. Remem­ber to build on your fit­ness base slow­ly. Please stick to the rec­om­mend­ed ses­sion dis­tances, don’t for­get to get mumm or dad to sign off each week.

Pho­tos of your efforts con­tin­ue to come in, high­light­ing where you are doing your walks and runs which has been great to see (keep them com­ing in)

Miss Lam­mon, while out doing her Chal­lenge too, com­ment­ed to me the amount of stu­dents she sees on her walks. Every­one waves and chats to her. Keep it up guys

The huge order of medals was placed this week in antic­i­pa­tion of every­one com­plet­ing the chal­lenge by week nine this term.

Yours in sport

Mr G

Fri­day 1st May 2020

Marathon Chal­lenge Update 1st May

Hel­lo all, well most par­tic­i­pants have almost com­plet­ed their week 1 chal­lenge. The weath­er has changed for the good and with a long week end approach­ing, there will be ample oppor­tu­ni­ties to con­tin­ue with the Challenge. 

Keep the pho­tos com­ing in, there have been some awe­some shots of stu­dents get­ting out there and hav­ing a go!

Here is the lat­est data of participants

C Block Stu­dents 61 C Block Par­ents 30

D Block Stu­dents 50 D Block Par­ents 16

CSPS Staff/​mentors/​teachers 38

Jog on people……jog on!

Mr G 

Mon­day 27th April 2020

Good morning 

So far students/​parents from C Block are lead­ing the chal­lenge so far with 5023

D Block stu­dents and par­ents are clos­ing the gap with: 4614

Uncon­firmed reports this morn­ing that a fig­ure look­ing remark­ably like our fear­less leader Mr Lover­ing was spot­ted pound­ing the pave­ment close to the Kather­ine hospital.

A reminder that the reg­is­tra­tion clos­es this Fri­day 1st May so that the cor­rect num­ber of medals can be ordered…..

Keep those pic­tures com­ing in for the website

Mr G

WEEK 1 of Marathon Challenge

Good morn­ing CSPS com­mu­ni­ty. If you’re think­ing about tak­ing up the chal­lenge, I need all paper work returned by this Fri­day (so I can order the cor­rect amount of medals).

So far the num­ber par­tic­i­pat­ing are:

  • Stu­dents 90
  • Par­ents 25
  • Teach­ers and staff 16

The chal­lenge is open to all C and D Block stu­dents and their par­ents. Any­one else that walks/​runs with you is get­ting fit and healthy, but are not eli­gi­ble for a medal……..sorry!

I have attached some warm up and cool down activ­i­ties too so that the next 8 weeks is an enjoy­able one for all.

Please try to stick to the dis­tances in each ses­sion, as the pro­gram grad­u­al­ly increas­es in dis­tance over time.

Please take pho­tos of your train­ing and post them on our web­site so we can all share what peo­ple are doing.

Yours in Sport

Rod­ney Gregg

CSPS Sports­mas­ter